Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole!

Don’t want to worry what your precious pooch is doing while you're away from the house? Ever feel guilty about leaving your four-legged family member home alone all day? Does your canine have boundless energy? Are you just too tired to play with Fido after a long day at work? Well here's the answer... Doggie DayCare of Fayette!

Daycare is probably one of the most important gifts you can give your dog …and yourself! Dogs, by nature, are highly social animals. When dogs are isolated for long periods of time, their mental health can suffer due to increased stress levels possibly resulting in bad behaviors such as barking, biting, depression, anxiety, and much more.

Did you know that day care for dogs has been shown to help reduce separation anxiety, build social skills, develop confidence, decrease stress, and maintain great mental and physical health! It's no wonder with all the running and playing they do during the day. They're just all tuckered out when they get home.

All the dogs at Doggie DayCare have the chance to participate in playtime activities, whether it be inside or outside, with other dogs of similar size, temperament and play level. They are allowed to go at their own pace throughout the day to either play, rest, explore, nap, or cuddle with staff.

Do yourself and your dog a favor and enroll your dog in Doggie DayCare of Fayette today. They'll thank you for it and you'll be able to relax more knowing that he's safe and having fun with all his new friends.

About Us

Doggie Daycare was established in 2003 with a goal to provide an alternative for your pet staying home alone, locked up or left outside while you go about your day, and a place to sleep while you are away. We are an open play facility where your canine gets to be together with other dogs. We provide a fun, spacious, monitored environment for them to go about their routine throughout the day and go home worn out for you at night. We also provide various sized overnight accommodations that are roomy, clean and comfortable for those times you need a home away from home for your pooch.

Doggie Daycare also works hand in hand with Fayette Humane Society. We help foster some of their rescued dogs by providing a safe facility for them to feel at ease and learn to trust again. We also help teach them how to be in a pack setting and get along with other breeds and with multiple humans. The staff has come to love so many of them that have passed through our doors. So much so that many of the staff adopted some of them!

Enrollment Requirements

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Doggie DayCare of Fayette

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